Vastu Basics

The essential orientation of yoga as the essence of all Hatha Yoga practice is in the postures. Once the basic posture is learned, the form of the posture can be deepened through continuous practice. Learn the fundamentals of yoga postures (asanas) and breath work (pranayama) with clear instruction on body mechanics. Develop an understanding of the body/mind/breath connection and how a committed practice is designed to increase strength, flexibility and overall wellbeing.  Suitable for beginners and those who wish to get back to the basics. 60 & 75 mins.


Vastu Open

The energetic balance of body, mind and breath. This class focuses on alignment of postures designed for vitality in the body and equanimity in the mind. In this open level class, teachers build on postures (asanas), and breathwork (pranayama) with use of props guided by inspiration through yoga tenets and sound resonance. Suitable for all levels. 60 & 75 mins.

Vastu Vinaysa

A warm dynamic flow aligning body with breath. Mindful sequences set with intention, composition and sound resonance to create a powerful movement meditation. Vastu Vinyasa is a signature class designed to make you sweat, strengthen and serve you with the virtues of wellbeing. Inspiration through yoga principles and adjustments are integral to this class. Vinyasa means "to place in a special way" and is popularly called flow style of yoga. It has evolved from Ashtanga yoga over time and is based on the energy of ‘surya namaskar’ (sun salutations) sequence. Vinyasa teachers put their own spin on sequences, developing creative transitions of postures that work energetically to bring balance to the body and ultimately to one's purpose.
Open to all levels. 60 & 70 mins.

Vastu Illuminate

Candlelit yoga designed for deep relaxation and radiant rejuvenation of body, mind and senses. Practice gentle postures sequenced mindfully to soothe the muscles and ease the mind in preparation for relaxation and good rest. Suitable for all levels. 60 mins.


Iyengar Yoga Level 1

The Iyengar Yoga method, which emphasizes precise physical alignment and sequencing of poses that lead to an intelligent and balanced practice of yoga. In this class, students will practice standing and sitting poses, forward and backward extensions, twists, and basic inversions including shoulder stand. With regular practice students will build strength, flexibility and wellbeing.
Suitable for beginners and those who wish to deepen their practice. 75 & 90 mins.


Iyengar Yoga Level 1 & 2

Beyond the fundamentals of Iyengar Yoga. The poses will be taught with more details, hence are held longer. Headstand and shoulder stand will be a regular part of class. A continuous and dedicated practice will build strength, stability and flexibility in the body and cultivate steadiness and equanimity in the mind.  Suitable for level 1&2. 75 & 90 mins.


Vastu Kundalini

Movements designed to help maintain a healthy spine and strengthen the nervous and glandular systems. Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness. It encapsulates the body, mind, and spirit through the poses, Kriyas (complete sequence of exercises), Pranayama (breath work), Meditation with Mantras, Mudras (sacred sound currents and hand gestures) and deep Gong relaxation. You will increase your flexibility and stamina while also enhancing your concentration and self-awareness.  Suitable for all levels. 75 mins.


Vastu Meditation + Pranayama

Peace of mind, calmness and clarity are attained when you create a powerful connection to your most visualized self. Guided meditation techniques from a variety of traditions are offered in the comfort of a cushion or a chair. Begin with Pranayama techniques that consciously observe and manipulate the breath in order to nourish the body and mind in preparation for meditation. Increase elasticity of the lungs, breath capacity, awareness and efficiency. Pranayama and Meditation is the heart and mind of the yoga practice. The refinement of breathing and stillness of the mind ultimately informs and transforms the mind and body Suitable for all levels. 60 mins.

Vastu FlowYIN

The natural fluidity of a deeply nourishing and reflective practice with longer held floor poses that focus deeply on the fascia, connective tissues and joints. This class transitions from a gentle flow to Yin holds for profound healing and greater range of motion. Yin is the bones of the body while muscles are the Yang. Finding the space in between the dualties offers deeper access to a relaxed body, a meditative mind and a respite for the soul. Suitable for all levels. 75 mins.


Vastu Healthy Happy Hour

A balanced class focused on whole body fitness. 20 mins of energizing flow, 20 mins back to core, 20 mins of rest and rejuvenation, topped with a healthy dose of tonic, leaving you toned and radiant.
Open to all levels. 60 mins.


Vastu Restorative

Experience the calming benefits of poses held longer, cultivated with the support of props, which facilitates a whole body relaxation. This class is ideal for rejuvenation, fatigue and recovery from stress. Restorative yoga classes nourish the nervous system, restore energy, and revitalize the immune system. Suitable for all levels. 75 mins.

Vastu Prenatal

Yoga practice as preparation for labor and birth. The focus is on mindful postures, breathing exercises and techniques designed for all the phases of pregnancy. This one-of-a kind prenatal class practice will empower your natural ability and increase your intuitive body, mind and spirit connection towards a safe and satisfying birth experience. Suitable for pregnancy. 75 mins.

Vastu Kids

Children develop the skillful connection of body and mind by learning the physical postures and breathing exercises designed for balance, strength, focus and flexibility in a safe and joyful way. These classes are grouped age appropriate. Suitable for all kids’ fitness levels. 45 mins.


Vastu Teens

Teenagers develop the skillful connection of body and mind by learning the physical postures and breathing exercises designed for balance, strength, focus and flexibility in a safe and joyful way. Teens will experience basic yoga principles throughout the 8 week series. These classes are grouped age appropriate. Suitable for all teen fitness levels. 60 mins.